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Do you know that there are more than 500 companies operating in the cold chain industry in Malaysia?

Coldberg was introduced to simplify the complexity of the cold chain sector alongside:

  1. Building a digital platform for local businesses to grow at a lower cost
  2. Connecting businesses with professionals in related fields of work
  3. Setting up an accessible library of quality information and insights
  4. Empowering the relationship between buyers and sellers
  5. Improving Malaysia’s cold chain industry altogether with businesses and experts

How WE Work

connect and network with a cold chain expert

Join over 20,000 members in receiving a curated list of reliable firms, handpicked just for you. Engage one of these firms to opt in for the Coldberg Guarantee, a free service that safeguards your renovation deposits up to RM50,000.

Join us today

Need help? Tell us what services you need and what type of coldroom you are looking for.

Choose from a variety of solutions

Depending on the service, we will send quotes or assign you a vendor at fixed prices. Speed, reliability, value and satisfaction is our priority.

We ensure vendor reliability

Hire the right vendor for your job request. Once the vendor completes the job, you can pay them directly.

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